My Three Favorite Online Sources for Positive Inspiration

Hello, I’m Lisa Nelson, founder and attorney at Positive Law, LLC in Ohio that advises mission-driven enterprises. I don’t know about you, but I like to start my day with positive news.  I like to learn about people up to good things in the world.   It gives me hope and inspiration. Here are my top three sources for positive news:

My “go to” source is Positive News.  It’s based in the UK so it offers interesting stories from there and around the globe.  Goodness only knows how many friends and family have received a subscription for Christmas.   Interestingly, it is also a co-op. On their website is says, “Positive News is a co-operative owned by readers and journalists worldwide, and any surplus made is reinvested in our journalism.”

The other two links are good sources of positive news too, and all of them have emails that you can sign up for to get the good news delivered to your inbox. 

This is an odd bonus one…if you happen to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I recommend DAN (Downtown Albuquerque News), good reporting on a variety of different things happening in the neighborhood. Very local. Very good.