John Tashiro interviewed by Lisa Nelson, lawyer from Ohio, outside City Market Co-op Grocery Store in Burlington

Business Practices Worth Studying at City Market Co-op

Located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont, the City Market / Onion River Co-op grocery store is worthy of business study (and a visit if you’re in the area).  My experience of the market began by strolling past the elaborate bicycle parking and wildflower gardens up to the entrance, which was framed by bright […]

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Circular economy, worker-owned coop team in Cleveland, Ohio at Tilth Soil and RBR

Worker Owned Co-op Grows Good Things in Cleveland

Rust Belt Riders (RBR) and Tilth Soil in Cleveland, Ohio work together as a circular economy business that is now also a worker-owned cooperative.  The Rust Belt Riders business collects organic food waste from individuals and businesses throughout Cuyahoga County and Tilth Soil composts the organic material and turns it into extremely high-quality soil. Fresh […]

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Gem City Co-op is a Multi-stake holder cooperative in Dayton, Ohio

What Is a Multi-stakeholder Cooperative?

Part of the reason I appreciate cooperative business models in Ohio is the flexibility they offer.  They can be legally structured to meet the needs of an organization or business, which may result in creating a multi-stakeholder cooperative.   The term “multi-stake holder cooperative” (also called hybrid or solidarity model cooperatives) refers to cooperatives that […]

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My Three Favorite Online Sources for Positive Inspiration

Hello, I’m Lisa Nelson, founder and attorney at Positive Law, LLC in Ohio that advises mission-driven enterprises. I don’t know about you, but I like to start my day with positive news.  I like to learn about people up to good things in the world.   It gives me hope and inspiration. Here are my top […]

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